Pre Paid Funeral Plans UK

List Of Factors To Consider When Selecting Prepaid Funeral Plans

Death is probably something that the majority of people would not prefer to discuss. However, this is inevitable, and while you can’t stop this from taking place in the future, you can always plan for it. One of the most in-demand plans today are prepaid funeral plans. It’s just like saving up your money in a bank, but this is more focused on your send-off ceremony. With this, you can save your family from the hassle of organising your funeral and the financial burden that may come with it.

So in case you’ve decided to just go for it, you must know how to determine which prepaid funeral plans are the right plan for you. Below are some things you should consider that might help you decide.

Plan guarantee

Ensure that the plan you’re going to get will cover the funeral completely, so your loved ones won’t have to worry about any financial burden.

When looking at the best prepaid funeral plans, check whether all the third party charges are covered. These are charges that the funeral director has to pay out on your behalf, i.e. to the crematorium. There are some instances that a provider will only pay for some costs, so there may be some shortfall that your family has to pay for. Sometimes, the contribution will rise in line with inflation, but even so, may not be enough to cover the whole cost.

Family’s wishes

The majority of families are relieved by the emotional and financial support a prepaid funeral plan can bring. This includes not having to worry about any financial costs or difficult decisions. However, some of your loved ones may wish to add their own touches as a special tribute. If you think this may apply to your family, it could be worth checking whether the funeral plan can be enhanced in any way according to their preferences.

Ask for your family’s opinions

When you’re in the process of choosing the best prepaid funeral plans, talk to your relatives and friends about it. Make sure they know what’s going to be included and the exact details of who you’re purchasing the plan from. Also, they should know where you’re going to keep the paperwork related to this. By doing so, it will be easier for them in future to carry out your wishes and avoid any unexpected costs.

Plan inclusions

When it comes to funeral plans, you can always choose whether to pay it once or do it in instalments. Never pay in cash if there is no record of your purchase with the provider, making it pretty hard to trace.


After picking and paying for your prepaid funeral plan, thoroughly check the paperwork you received and confirm if it matches what you’ve discussed with the provider. Moreover, reviews the terms of the plan and ensure that you understand them. For example, what happens if you move house? You will need to let your provider know if you do move so they can inform you of any additional costs or limitations with the package, in case there are any.


What are the other implications of not having the money you spend on the plan available to you now or in later years of your life? Before deciding, consider the size of your pension, as well as your health, any insurance policies you have, and your future wishes.

It’s also better to consider taking financial advice and ask yourself: how much I can afford, and how will I pay for it? Are all my assets tied up in property? In which case, your family may not be able to access any funds for quite a long time after your death.


Check your eligibility with each provider before investing large amounts of time (and money) conducting any further research. There’s a possibility that you may not be eligible for some plans or all payment options yet depending on your age.

No one can stop death from occurring, and everyone has their own expiration date. With prepaid funeral plans, you can give your family space and time to grieve for you without worrying about the planning and funeral arrangements. So when you decide to get one, consider all of the mentioned factors above. By doing this, you are guaranteed to have the right plan and provider to take care of your send-off ceremony when your time comes, leaving your family with no financial burdens.